Looking at Wedding Photos

The wedding photos captured the best weekend I have ever had. The whole island chipped into help and everything worked seamlessly. It was amazing to be married in the church on the island I grew up on.

The stain glass window in St Agnes church reflects the seafaring history of the island, a theme in our wedding with the choice of music, the crossed gig paddles when we left the church, and the blue and black ribbons signifying the Shah and the Black Rock.

I had Arum lilies from the island dispersed with white roses and gypsophila. (The belladonnas, the silver flower pendants I gave to each of my bridesmaids weren’t in season in May.)

Adding a bit of glitter with silver periwinkles and Swarovski crystals.

Carrying on the flower theme of the wedding was the cake brought over from Bryher; Zoe had made the most amazing trio of cakes with beautiful recreations in white icing of the flowers from the wedding, in a stylish combination of white and gold.


The wedding photos at Periglis with our boat in the background. A truly amazing day!