A guide to help you in choosing the perfect piece….

Faceted Gemstones

Below are pictures of some of the faceted gemstones used to give an idea of colour.

A guide to birthstones:

Month Cabochon Stone Faceted Stone

January Garnet Garnet
February Amethyst Amethyst
March Bloodstone Aquamarine
April Pearl or Mother of Pearl Diamond
May Green Onyx Emerald
June Moonstone or Pearl Alexandrite
July Jasper Ruby
August Carnelian Peridot
September Lapis Lazuli Blue Sapphire
October Opal Tourmaline
November Citrine Citrine or Topaz
December Turquoise Zircon

If you would like a design setting with a different stone or combination of stones please email or phone.


All the the pieces of jewellery are made using gold, sterling silver, fine silver or 14 carat gold-fill and are fully hallmarked.

Gold-fill is and extremely durable material and it carries a lifetime guarantee. It is made by bonding a layer of gold onto an inner core of jewellers wire and it contains one hundred times more gold that gold plate.


Measuring a wrist:

Using a tape measure wrap it round the wrist at the point you would like to wear the bracelet. Take the measurement that meets the beginning of the tape. This is an exact wrist size measurement. Each bracelet will be made about ½” greater than your wrist measurement to allow for a comfortable fit.

Buying the bracelet for someone else? The list below gives an approximate guide from wrist size to measurement.

X Small 5 ½”
Small 6”
Medium 6 ½”
Large 7 ”
X large 7 1/2”
XX Large 8”


Finding the right size ring can be tricky but here is a guide to help if you can’t get to a jewellers to find your size properly.


Caring for your Jewellery

**Do not immerse the Sea Glass Jewellery or Scillonian Field Pottery Jewellery in water or other chemicals like cleaning fluid, silver dip, or ultrasonic cleaners. Instead polish with a dry silver polishing cloth.**

The best way to keep plain silver, gold and gold-fill jewellery clean and sparkly is to give it a gentle scrub in warm water with a little washing up liquid. Silver dip works well to remove tarnish on the plain silver pieces, but not the pieces with stones, glass or shells in. All the stones can be immersed in water with the exception of sea glass, shells, turquoise, malachite, pearls and opals. These I suggest should be wiped with a damp cloth to clean them and then dried off. My jewellery will come up very well with a silver polishing cloth.


The jewellery is fully hallmarked by the Assay Office London. Along with the three compulsory marks of the assay office each piece that requires a hallmark exhibits my makers mark.